SlideStand - Black, phone stand, smart phone, cell phone, stand

SlideStand - Black


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Our basic black SlideStand.
Our top selling version looks great on black or dark cases.

Slidestand is a multipurpose personal Smartphone stand.  Watch movies, surf the web & video chat conveniently and easily!

The SlideStand Package

Perfect for:

  • Watching TV, movies, sporting events or music videos.
  • Viewing slideshows or PowerPoint presentations.
  • On your night-stand as an alarm clock.
  • Hands free FaceTime & Skype.
  • Hands free pictures and video.
  • Hands free flash light.
  • Hands free game play.

    The SlideStand commercial.

    SlideStand Installation Instructions.

  • Noah and Julian explain the instructions on how to install a SlideStand.

    Kristel Dupont talks SlideStand.
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