FAQ – SlideStand


Question: How do I install the SlideStand onto my mobile device?
Answer: Simply peel back the adhesive cover gasket and stick the SlideStand onto the back of your device. Arrow in half-circle must be pointing down towards the bottom of your device. Adhere as close to the bottom of your device as without any overlap or overhang.

Question: Can I remove the SlideStand once it is adhered to my device? 
Answer: Yes, you can peel off the SlideStand at any time. Some plastic cases having a highly reflective coating or less expensive cases may become damaged if you decide to remove the SlideStand.

Question: Can I reuse the Slide Stand? Can I remove the SlideStand and use it on a different device?
Answer: NO – This is a single use item – It will not stick as well to another device once removed from its original application. But we have heard from customers that they have reused it.

Question: What models of Smartphones, tablets PDAs and personal entertainment devices does the Slide-Stand work with?
Answer: Adheres to and fits most Smartphones (iPhone, BlackBerry and Android), PDAs and personal entertainment type devices such as iPods and small tablets sold worldwide (note: may block access to the battery/SIM card on some device models). 

Larger Devices like the iPhone 6+ we recommend mounting the SlideStand approximately 1-1.5 inches from the bottom. 

Question: Will a Smartphone or other mobile device with a SlideStand attached still fit into all the different holsters, pouches, protective cases and clips that are available?
Answer: Yes, due to its sleek and slide away design, mobile devices with the SlideStand attached will still fit into all the various holsters, pouches, protective cases and clips sold worldwide.

Question: Do you ship internationally?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is the SlideStand available for wholesale?
Answer: Yes. Please find details on our Corporate Orders page and/or contact us for details at info@slidestand.com

Question: Do you except returns?
Answer: Yes, we have a 30 day return policy. We must receive the product back within 30 days for a valid return.