IObit Driver Booster Free: Optimizing PC Performance

IObit Driver Booster 11 stands as a testament to the efficacy of streamlined, free driver update software, empowering users to manage outdated drivers on their computers effortlessly. With its automated scanning capability, Driver Booster Free facilitates the update of all drivers and the latest gaming components, ensuring users can enjoy a stable system and smooth gaming experience.

Swiftly scanning the system to identify outdated drivers, IObit Driver Booster provides an excellent solution for individuals who have lost installation discs or hardware drivers and prefer not to spend hours searching online or purchasing new driver discs.

The superiority of IObit Driver Booster Free lies in its incredibly user-friendly interface. With no steep learning curve, virtually anyone can immediately utilize the software without encountering any difficulties. IObit Driver Booster automatically detects hardware and proceeds to search for and ensure that even the smallest hardware components are updated with the latest drivers. Any driver-related issues are swiftly addressed with just a few mouse clicks.

What Does IObit Driver Booster Do?

Outdated drivers can adversely affect a computer’s performance, leading to system errors. This software automatically scans and identifies outdated drivers, downloads Driver Booster, and installs the latest updates with a single click, saving users time. Furthermore, the software is specially designed to optimize drivers for the best gaming experience, serving as an excellent tool to protect computers from hardware failures, conflicts, and system errors.

Key Features of IObit Driver Booster Free

Extensive Database: Having the appropriate device drivers is crucial; otherwise, your computer may not function properly. Updating drivers within the Windows system can be a tedious task. With a database that’s over 200% larger, IObit Driver Booster 10 Free supports the update of over 4.5 million drivers, fixing missing, faulty, or outdated drivers.

Safe Driver Updates: Driver Booster 10 only supports drivers that have undergone WHQL testing. A new HTTPS connection is implemented to encrypt connections with servers during driver downloads. To enhance computer safety, Driver Booster also creates a restore point before installing drivers in case of installation issues. Driver backup support is also provided to prevent compatibility issues.

Bid Farewell to Slow Gaming Performance: Updating graphics drivers often brings significant performance improvements, especially for new games. Users will always have the latest graphics drivers to achieve smoother streaming and media editing with Driver Booster 10. Moreover, essential game components such as Game for Windows Software 3.5, XML 7.0, Silverlight 5, and Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable can also be found upon game launch.

Automatic Download, Installation, and Updates: Driver updates can consume a lot of time and sometimes even interfere with daily work. Driver Booster 10 has expanded its automation services. Alongside automatic downloads, users can also enjoy automatic installation and updates when the system is idle. Simply let Driver Booster 7 run in the background, and users will experience better computer performance with the latest driver updates.

Hardware Troubleshooting: Driver Booster 10 addresses hardware issues within the computer system. Users can quickly fix sound issues and enjoy smooth sound without annoying crackling noises when listening to music or watching videos. Network issues and devices not recognized by Driver Booster 7 can be easily fixed and removed. Furthermore, the software can fix device manager error codes swiftly.


Latest Updates in IObit Driver Booster Free 8.0.2:

  • Enormous database (over 4.5 million drivers) provides the most accurate updates for all outdated drivers.
  • Support for selecting driver update priorities: Choose between the latest drivers or the most stable ones for your device.
  • New tool – Offline Driver Updater allows updating and installing drivers without a network connection, even after system uninstallation or upgrade, or when there is no network driver.
  • Enhanced scan technology using more scientific logic improves scanning speed and accuracy, selecting the correct driver on Windows 10.
  • New installation mechanism speeds up the driver installation process by an additional 30% on Windows 10 with a higher success rate.
  • New Driver Backup feature ensures a higher success rate when backing up and restoring drivers on Windows 10.
  • Optimization of online database structure and query logic helps to detect drivers faster and more accurately.
  • Completely redesigned interface brings an optimized and user-friendly experience.
  • Support for up to 49 different languages.
  • Bug fixes from previous versions.

Driver Booster PRO:

  • Automatically scans and identifies outdated, missing, and faulty drivers on a schedule.
  • Optimized scanning tool – increases driver scan speed by 20% to save time.
  • Easily and quickly updates all outdated drivers with a single click.
  • Only provides drivers that have passed Microsoft’s WHQL and IObit’s Rating tests.
  • Updates and installs network drivers offline.
  • 42% larger database to update rarer and more outdated drivers.
  • Prioritizes updating stable drivers first.
  • Unlocks the driver update speed limit.
  • Automatically backs up multiple driver versions for safer restoration.
  • Automatically downloads, installs, and updates drivers during system idle time.
  • Easily fixes over 35 device errors for better performance.
  • Better gaming performance.

Automatic Checking of Outdated, Missing, and Faulty Drivers: Achieving 30% better gaming performance with improved Game Boost. Prioritizes updating Game Ready Drivers for smoother gaming. Enhances gaming experience with essential game components.

Experience a Quick Driver Update with IObit Driver Booster:

Upon installing IObit Driver Booster, the application will prompt you to install Advanced SystemCare Free. If you prefer not to do this, simply uncheck before pressing Accept and Install, then select Give up my gift if you don’t want to receive additional gifts from IObit.

After installation, IObit Driver Booster immediately scans the drivers on your computer and displays how many applications are outdated, detailed driver names, and their level of obsolescence. All this information is laid out in the Outdated section. Here, you can update each driver individually or update them all at once. Clicking the dropdown arrow next to the Update button for each driver provides additional options such as updating, uninstalling, or rolling back. The Details section provides detailed information about the driver, including its name, old version, new version, update date, publisher, and the size of the new driver and the devices using this driver.

Additionally, you can view the most recently updated drivers in the UpToDate tab, with details such as driver name, version, update date, and publisher.

Configuration Options in IObit Driver Booster:

In the settings section, you can configure the application to start with Windows, choose automatic scan modes, schedule driver scans, choose to display drivers that pass WHQL tests, select the folder to store drivers, and enable Silent Installation mode. When selecting Silent Installation, updates will occur in the background, allowing you to continue with your work without receiving notifications or pop-ups.

Download IObit Driver Booster



IObit Driver Booster comprises a convenient package of features to help you update drivers and gaming components without consuming much time or effort. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface, users can easily grasp the current status of drivers on their computers and update them to ensure smooth and efficient computer functionality.

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