HWiNFO: Your Ultimate Hardware Information Software

HWiNFO 7.64 is a remarkable and free system information software that empowers users to delve into the intricate details of their hardware components. Whether you’re curious about your PC’s CPU compatibility with virtualization technology for running XP Mode on Windows 7, your BIOS information, or the core components of your system, HWiNFO has got you covered.

Key Features of HWiNFO Hardware Monitoring Software

  1. Enhanced AMD Radeon R9 Nano Recognition: HWiNFO now boasts improved capabilities for identifying the AMD Radeon R9 Nano.
  2. Crash Bug Fixes for Non-ACPI Systems: Bugs causing system crashes on Non-ACPI systems have been effectively addressed.
  3. CSV Record Cleaning: The software has been fine-tuned to eliminate unnecessary spaces in CSV records.
  4. Extended Support for Intel Goldmont: Enhanced support for Intel Goldmont architecture ensures accurate hardware monitoring.
  5. AMD Bristol Ridge Detection: HWiNFO is now equipped to identify AMD Bristol Ridge components seamlessly.
  6. Summary Reports for SGX and Speed Shift Technology: Users can now access detailed reports on Software Guard Extensions (SGX) and Speed Shift Technology (HWP) in the Summary window.
  7. Intel HD Graphics SKUs Support: HWiNFO provides comprehensive support for Intel HD Graphics SKUs.
  8. AMD Zen Recognition: The software now correctly identifies various AMD Zen series.
  9. Effortless Hardware Status Checking: Easily check the hardware status of your computer.
  10. Comprehensive Component Information: HWiNFO offers in-depth information about all your system components.
  11. Real-time Component Monitoring: Keep tabs on the status of your computer components.
  12. User-Friendly Interface: The software features an intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  13. Local Network Remote Sensor Monitoring: Benefit from remote sensor monitoring within your local network.
  14. Nuvoton NCT6793D Support: HWiNFO now supports Nuvoton NCT6793D.
  15. Enhanced SMART Status Reporting: Experience improved detection and reporting of SMART status for various driver types, including SAS.
  16. AMD GPU Identification: Accurate identification of AMD 3xx series GPUs, including Grenada, Antigua, Trinidad, and Tobago.
  17. AMD Radeon R9 Fury and Fury X Recognition: HWiNFO can now identify AMD Radeon R9 Fury and Radeon R9 Fury X.
  18. GPU Clock Reporting for Intel Braswell: Detailed GPU clock reporting for Intel Braswell is now available.
  19. ITE IT8628 LPC/HW Monitor Support: The software now supports ITE IT8628 LPC/HW Monitor.
  20. Resolved RTSS FPS Access Issue: Bugs preventing access to RTSS FPS in recent versions have been resolved.
  21. Performance Limit Reasons Monitoring: Users can now monitor performance limit reasons.
  22. GPU Memory Controller Utilization Monitoring: Enhanced monitoring of GPU Memory Controller Utilization for AMD Iceland, Topaz, Tonga, Amethyst, and Fiji.
  23. MSI 100-series and ASRock Z170-series Sensor Monitoring Improvements: Improved sensor monitoring for MSI 100-series and ASRock Z170-series motherboards.

HWiNFO 7.10: Keeping You Updated

The latest version, HWiNFO 7.10, introduces even more features to enhance your hardware monitoring experience:

  1. Secure Boot Compatibility Reporting: HWiNFO now provides compatibility reports for Secure Boot.
  2. IOD Hotspot and AMD Zen2 Temperature Monitoring: Monitor IOD (IO Die) hotspots and average temperatures for AMD Zen2 and higher CPUs.
  3. MSI X570S Series Compatibility Fixes: Compatibility checks for certain MSI X570S series motherboards have been fixed.
  4. CPPC Reporting for AMD Renoir and Newer APUs: Detailed CPPC reports are now available for AMD Renoir and newer APU generations.
  5. Improved Tj,max Reporting for Some AMD Zen CPUs: Enhanced Tj,max reporting for select AMD Zen CPUs.
  6. Lowered High-Temperature Alert Threshold: High-temperature alert thresholds have been adjusted from Tj,max-10 to Tj,max-5 ÂșC.
  7. DDR4/DDR5 nCK Parameter Rounding: Rounding improvements for DDR4/DDR5 nCK parameters.
  8. Aquacomputer Leakshield Support: Enhanced support for Aquacomputer Leakshield.
  9. NZXT N7 Z590 Sensor Monitoring Upgrade: Improved sensor monitoring for NZXT N7 Z590 motherboards.
  10. AMD Navi23 Support: Enhanced support for AMD Navi23 GPUs.
  11. ASUS ProArt X570-CREATOR Sensor Monitoring Upgrade: Upgraded sensor monitoring for ASUS ProArt X570-CREATOR motherboards.
  12. GIGABYTE X570S Series Motherboard Sensor Fixes: Sensor monitoring issues with certain GIGABYTE X570S series motherboards have been resolved.
  13. DDR5 SPD Reading Enhancement: Improved DDR5 SPD reading capabilities.
  14. Average Active Core Count Checking for AMD Ryzen 2xxx and Newer: Users can now check the Average Active Core Count for AMD Ryzen 2xxx and newer processors.
  15. EVGA ICX3 Sensor Monitoring Update: Sensor monitoring for GPU with new firmware in EVGA ICX3 GPUs has been updated.
  16. Enhanced Support for Upcoming AMD CPU Generations and New AMD GPUs: HWiNFO now offers improved support for upcoming AMD CPU generations and new AMD GPUs.
  17. Power Limit Monitoring (PL1/PL2): Monitor power limit parameters for PL1/PL2 power delivery.
  18. Direct Sensor Logging Option: Log sensor data directly to your storage.

Setting Up HWiNFO32 Hardware Monitoring Software

The installation process for HWiNFO32 is quick and straightforward. Upon launching the program, you will be presented with options to either run the program immediately or customize settings according to your preferences.

It is advisable to configure the settings to your liking before running the application. In the Settings window, you can set the program to start with your system, enable automatic updates, and customize the behavior of the software.

Once you have completed the setup, run the program to initiate the scanning process, where HWiNFO32 will comprehensively analyze and display information about the hardware components of your computer.

HWiNFO32: Your Trusted Hardware Information Companion

HWiNFO32 and its 64-bit counterpart, HWiNFO64, provide you with all the essential information about your PC, from the CPU type to your hard drive specifications. While there are other similar tools available, such as CPU-Z, Everest, or SiSoftware Sandra, none combine the virtues of being free and delivering such comprehensive and detailed PC assessments as HWiNFO32.

Featuring an intuitive user interface that even newcomers can easily navigate, HWiNFO32 presents all your hardware components in a left-hand column, allowing for effortless monitoring. Additionally, you have the option to use HWiNFO32 Portable, which requires no installation and can be used directly on your computer.

HWiNFO32: Unleash the Power of Hardware Knowledge

With HWiNFO32, you’re empowered to gain profound insights into your computer’s hardware. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, a system administrator, or simply curious about the inner workings of your PC, this software is your ultimate companion for hardware information. Download HWiNFO today and embark on a journey of discovering the intricacies of your computer’s hardware, from CPU clock speeds and BIOS details to RAM bus specifications and hard drive capacities, and much more.

In conclusion, HWiNFO is a versatile and user-friendly hardware monitoring and information tool that offers a wealth of features and improvements in each release. Whether you’re a casual user or a hardware enthusiast, HWiNFO provides the comprehensive insights you need to understand and optimize your computer’s performance. So, download HWiNFO and gain a deeper understanding of your system today.

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