Animiz Animated Video Maker

Animiz, also known as Animiz Animated Video Maker, is a versatile and professional video and GIF animation software for computers.

Animiz offers a simple yet powerful video creation tool that allows you to make dynamic videos for free. It doesn’t require any coding or specialized skills. With just a few clicks, you can create engaging and eye-catching videos.

This user-friendly tool is accessible to everyone, making it ideal for various purposes. You can use Animiz to create presentations, product introductions, or even turn images into videos. Additionally, Animiz supports creating GIF animations, which can be useful for both work and entertainment. Teachers can also utilize Animiz to create visually appealing instructional videos for the classroom.

Creating videos has never been easier with Animiz. You can complete high-quality videos in just a few hours instead of several days, and then share them online with a global audience.

Unlike typical animation software, Animiz not only converts videos into GIFs but also provides users with various flexible image editing tools.

Upon opening Animiz, you’ll find familiar tools on the interface, similar to other video editing software, such as a timeline and video effects. In general, Animiz is an optimal tool for creating animated images or a simple video editing program, except for the limitation of not being able to add background music or audio.

When starting a new project in Animiz, you can insert a background image or personal image into the video. The features and buttons are intuitively organized, allowing you to quickly become familiar with the program.

Key Advantages of Animiz

  1. Easy Start with Pre-made Templates: You can easily create high-quality animated videos using the available templates. Animiz provides numerous pre-set scenes for creating animated video presentations for businesses, education, management, and more.
  2. Abundant Free Resources: Animiz includes libraries with thousands of pre-designed elements like characters, icons, SVG images, and shapes for graphic designers. Creating video presentations with interactive effects and unique designs will captivate your audience.
  3. Wide Distribution Options: You can upload animated videos to the Animiz cloud for free. Additionally, you can upload videos to YouTube and instantly share them on popular social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. People can access your presentations through mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Key Features of Animiz Video Maker

  • Easy to Use: No programming or design experience required. Create engaging and entertaining animated video presentations with simple drag-and-drop actions.
  • Free Video Tools: Numerous free tools (roles, images, audio, SWF, charts, indexes, icons, flash, etc.) are available for creating impressive video scenes.
  • Annotations and Voiceovers: Add annotations and voiceovers to capture your audience’s attention with interactive presentation videos.
  • Multi-track Timeline: Utilize the simple multi-track timeline to customize backgrounds, cameras, captions, animations, and more. Everything is under your control.
  • Dynamic Animation Effects: Enhance the appeal of your presentation videos with dynamic animations. You can use hundreds of animation effects like entrance, emphasis, exit, and more.
  • Flexible Export Options: Choose from three export options: online video, offline video, or GIF. Offline videos can be exported in six different formats (.mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .flv, .mkv).

How to Use Animiz for Video and Animation Creation

Step 1: Create a video from a blank canvas or use available templates if you don’t have any specific ideas. Step 2: Easily drag and drop objects (images, text, videos, audio, captions, voiceovers, etc.) onto the unlimited canvas to create your video. Step 3: Easily edit dynamic effects for objects (entrance, emphasis, exit effects), playback order, and speed on the intuitive timeline. Step 4: Choose from three options to export your video or animation: upload it to the Animiz cloud, save it to your device, or create a GIF image.

Animiz is a simple yet powerful tool for making videos and GIF animations that is suitable for everyone. With its user-friendly interface, you can easily edit videos and images and export them to six popular formats, including MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, FLV, and MKV.

Download Animiz Demo Free to access the free video presentation and animation software, where user privacy and data security are ensured through secure encryption. The software is 100% clean and safe to install and use on your computer. In case you have any questions or need assistance, support is available within 24 hours.

Animiz Free is a straightforward video presentation and animation maker. It doesn’t require coding or complex knowledge, allowing you to create animated videos, storytelling videos, product presentation videos, and more in just a few hours. What’s interesting is that Animiz allows you to instantly share your videos or animations with friends and partners without relying on third-party applications.

Software Update for Free Video Maker – Animiz

Animiz 2.5.6 New Features:

  • Added custom role diagram functionality.
  • Added voice change and audio merging features.
  • Added sound axis for bar charts.
  • Optimized audio editing operations and performance.
  • Optimized the interface for role editing and slide settings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed screen flickering caused by some transition effects.
  • Fixed issues with exporting GIF images with black borders and transparent backgrounds.
  • Fixed the timeline disappearing after expanding the canvas.
  • Fixed abnormal time display for videos after adding a clip to the end of the timeline.
  • Fixed automatic changes in transparency for resources when applying effects.
  • Fixed display issues after adding a dotted line effect and then applying a decorative effect.
  • Fixed meaningless subtitles.
  • Fixed the “Apply to All” option being invalid in the Font Settings of the Subtitle feature.
  • Fixed the “clear object rotation” option being invalid for entrance effects.
  • Fixed the inability to import the library.
  • Fixed abnormal data size and position when using it in the library.
  • Fixed the inability to change the hand size when using the “Hand-drawn” feature.
  • Fixed incorrect playback order of the camera in the exported video.
  • Fixed the inability to publish combined video projects.
  • Fixed automatic text box disappearance when clicking on it with no content.
  • Various other bug fixes and refinements.

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